The way Saigonese live, the unique Saigon appear

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    No matter if you are a foreigner looking to have fun in a new country, a newcomer who like to enjoy the glamour of the big cities or a local who want to further explore his region, it is never too late to learn more about the daily lifestyle of Ho Chi Minh City. Now, let’s see what the city has to offer.


    For starter, let’s talk about food. After all, who doesn’t like a hot meal served to them at a reasonable price? If you consider food an essential integral part of any culture, HCM City will not disappoint you in that department. Being a cultural hub of Vietnam, Saigonese enjoy a substantial amount of dining options from all corners of the country. From Northen to Southern Vietnamese dishes, HCM City has its all: phở bở (beef noodle soup), cơm tấm (broken rice), bún bò Huế (Hue’s beef noodle soup), etc. Be sure to order some cà phê sữa đá (iced coffee mixed with condensed milk) or nước mía (sugarcane juice) with them so you can truly enjoy a truly authentic Vietnamese cuisine experience.


    Onto another topic, let’s discuss the range of activities you can particitipate in during your time in the city. Similar to its peers, HCM City encompasses a long list of places for visitors to go through. If you are curious about the city’s and overall Vietnamese history, there are a lot of different museums and historical landmarks such as Nhà Rồng Port which will take tourists more than one day to go through all. Now, if you want to enjoy the daily lifestyle of an ordinary Saigonese, markets such as Bến Thành and the lesser-known Bà Chiểu are always available for visitors to observe and shop to their heart’s content. If you’re instead looking for some actions or entertainment, Sai Gon has more than enough for both youngsters and old timers alike. There are cinemas, theme parks, natural parks, tea houses, coffee shops and a lot more. At night time, the fun doesn’t end and you can visit numerous bars and nightclubs serving alcoholic drink and music all night long.

    You can already tell how much there are to see and do in Ho Chi Minh with just this general look at its lifestyle. Nevertheless, the best way to enjoy a location is still to go out there and enjoy it for yourself so what are you waiting for, pick up your bag and travel to Sai Gon City for a wholesome experience.

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